173. Prosaic and a little Poetic © Hélène Levasseur


Helene has the style or diction of prose in her compositions
When reading all her poems we see she lacks poetic beauty
She however believes prosaic language can convey her experiences
Following being a survivor of a Severe Brain Injury and  Metastatic Cancers

Some have proclaimed that her poems are like fridge magnets
Ordinary, everyday, commonplace, conventional, routine
Run of the mill, straightforward, by the numbers and like workadays
She however believes that she is interesting, imaginative and inspirational

Hélène realizes that she has been preoccupied by prosaic day to day concerns
So commonplace and has faced being  challenged becoming unromantic
It is her goal to manifest into one of the most popular Brain Injury and Cancer Poets
O.K. I guess the News about her will be the popular Brain Injury and Cancer Prosaic writer.

News of 2016: Hélène is to become an acknowledged Writer with Prosaic Poetry