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177. Christmas comes my Way © Hélène Levasseur


I have chosen to seek Jesus Christ’s festive holy face
At Christmas this practice enables me to put him on
I wear him throughout every moment like clothing
The sooner I do this I communicate gleefully with him
The more prepared I am for whatever comes my way

Wearing him I realize that I carry his mind everywhere
He sanctifies everything that I think, say and do so kindly
You see he is my Jesus and he controls my daily thinking
I am transformed by this Christmas renewal within self
And able to deal with people and situations in every way

Forthcoming are cancer tests to determine my next steps
Cancer has struck twice but carrying Christ brings me peace
Nothing is impossible with God and you see my mind is in him
It’s Christmas and I thus clothe myself with the Lord Jesus
Thus comes compassion, kindness, humility and lots of patience

The first thing you know I find myself in Christmas Festivities
There are Jingle Bells ringing and people are celebrating
Dearest Jesus’ birthday is with so much laughter and cheer
The whole community is decorating with christmas delights
At peace we go to our Christmas mass with awe and respect

Merry Christmas everyone as I wish you Health and Prosperity
In Jesus Christ’s name as he is the Reason for the Season.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Folks!

176. Just wondering © Hélène Levasseur


Just wondering! To you is Hélène a Pest
Well maybe she’s trying to be her best
As she had to recreate a new identity
Reformulating her old personality

Her love and devotion to God
To many has perhaps seemed odd
She’s the first to admit that she’s a sinner
In need of God who is her Divine Repairer

Unafraid we must move gallantly and believe
That new ways we are meant to perceive
As Faith accompanies us as a given gift
Lo and behold in no time we stop to drift

Submerging from Our ego, pride and vanity
Comes a world of simplicity, humility and integrity
Awakening to the presence of Him sent = Yes Jesus
Realizing that he knocks and he awaits for all of us

Traumatically brain injured and Cancer Survivor
Her 175 poems written show thanks to her Saviour
Everyone knows that Hélène is/was lost and forlorn
But great news happened as she became reborn

Her style is to teach somewhat and not preach
Done through poetry and music tasty like a peach
Perhaps one day Her Slow but Sure Balancing Act
Will tell her story like it is as a matter of truthful fact

She has nothing to hide and not even what is dirt
She grows in quantum leaps seeking all like a flirt
So let us pray that we are not too condescending of her
“I do what I can” is a motto for Helene Levasseur

175. When Love Sometimes © Hélène Levasseur

Robert & Helene

Sometimes love is not emotionally received
Perhaps love is not given nor is it expected
When love is seen somewhat otherwise
When love becomes an exterior visible gift
Through sharing and working wholeheartedly
Then you encounter intuitively a master – God
Of kindness, nurturing in a new manner
And thank Him for such His great manoeuvre
And pray incessantly to respond so lovingly!

174. Just Pondering © Hélène Levasseur

Enlightened Hélène Just Pondering!

Enlightened Hélène Just Pondering!

There’s me and my light
Alone in thoughts and prayer
Always ready to divulge it all
Reminiscing not chagrining
Knowing that I am set free
And with God feeling full of glee

The ones of the same cloth
I believe are forthcoming one day
They must be as they are in my index
For my future and theirs too = Heaven
Teachers and Learners like me
Are given quite a remarkable destiny

Honouring others is my remedy
Listening more than sharing my stuff
As they are in need of a helping hand
I will become their trustworthy psychiatrist
A friend in need is a friend indeed
Where I pray unceasingly without talking

Voila! Mes Amis! On a Mission!

173. Prosaic and a little Poetic © Hélène Levasseur


Helene has the style or diction of prose in her compositions
When reading all her poems we see she lacks poetic beauty
She however believes prosaic language can convey her experiences
Following being a survivor of a Severe Brain Injury and  Metastatic Cancers

Some have proclaimed that her poems are like fridge magnets
Ordinary, everyday, commonplace, conventional, routine
Run of the mill, straightforward, by the numbers and like workadays
She however believes that she is interesting, imaginative and inspirational

Hélène realizes that she has been preoccupied by prosaic day to day concerns
So commonplace and has faced being  challenged becoming unromantic
It is her goal to manifest into one of the most popular Brain Injury and Cancer Poets
O.K. I guess the News about her will be the popular Brain Injury and Cancer Prosaic writer.

News of 2016: Hélène is to become an acknowledged Writer with Prosaic Poetry

172. Autobiographic Prose Poetry © Hélène Levasseur


The white lilies are still beautifully blooming
After two weeks from Kam’s Market into my home
What a fragrance so overwhelmingly astonishing
Where mysteriously I no longer feel wholesome

A new sense of identity is always submerging
With the help of a dictionary and thesaurus
As I have time with this weather really warming
My yearning for literary arts with God’s Son Jesus

A Universal sense of belonging looms in my vicinity
Born and raised as a Catholic I want to serve him
Acquiring Christ-like and Mary-like ways to simply
Obey magnificently reading daily the bible with vim

For now much more than a quarter of a century
Life has continued in its usual yearnings for hope
With recovery and rehabilitation existing a destiny
Where comes the long awaited reintegration elope

In ten years I reached bronze which is my 1st base trimester
My next ten years I made it to the 2nd base which is brass
I am in my 3rd base/trimester which is silver for Levasseur
In four years I will have made it home to a Diamond pass

In my eulogy one day there will be mention of the following
1. Elementary School Teacher – Graduate of Teacher’s
College in Sudbury, Ontario. English Grade 7 & 8.
2. Paediatric Secretary – For Drs. Hingston, Rigg and Dejong
3. Sales Representative for Benndorf -Verster selling Canon
4. Sales & Marketing Manager in the Trade and Consumer 
Show Industry for Tracon Exhibition and Southex Exhibition
5. Founder of the Holy Wow Poets and thus a Poet
6. Singer, Song-writer, Speaker, Casual Guitarist, A few notes on 
the Piano.
7. Cancer Survivor
8. Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor
9. Yearning to be Spiritually Fit!

The Lily is my favourite flower because of its fragrance
Gerberas are my second because of colour and beauty
The bouquets would encompass my funeral with elegance
No worries folks I am still in remission and now feel pretty

Thank you for your ongoing well wishes and prayers
Also if you have read me thus far I am amazed with you

171. A Summary of Past Obstacles © Hélène Levasseur

Catch the Fever of God's Masterpiece of Love!

Catch the Fever of God’s Masterpiece of Love! From Disabilities to new Abilities for sure.


1. Severely Brain Injured. = 1. Moderately Brain Injured
2. Crooked Eyes = 2. Normal Eyes
3. Imbalanced Gait = 3. Normal Gait
4. No Taste = 4. No Taste
5. No Smell = 5. No Smell
6. Right Hear Loss = 6. Normal Hearing
7. No Focus = 7. Better Focus but not long courses…
8. No Concentration = 8. Better Concentration in an hour presentation
9. Incessant Laughter = 9. Regular Laughter
10. Incessant Cries = 10. Normal Cries
11. Unable to go to work = 11. Unable to work due to disabilities
12. Couldn’t again play the guitar = 12. Can play the guitar
13. Couldn’t read = 13. Can Read
14. Couldn’t write = 14. Can Write
15. Couldn’t memorize = 15. Can not Memorize still = A Deficit
16. Was not Poetically driven = 16. Very Poetic
17. Was not Musical = 17. Writes Music
18. Never wrote Lyrics = 18. Writes Lyrics
19. Never recorded songs = 19. Recorded Songs
20. Extremely Fatigued = 20. Somewhat Fatigued Due to lack of energy
21. Unable to sleep = 21. Sleeps all night long
22. Manic/Bipolar/Paranoia and Mood Swings = 22. Fears of crashes
23. Colorectal Cancer 2005 = 23. In Remission
24. Ovarian Cancer 2008 = 24. In Remission
25. Was not an active Catholic but a Believer = 25. A Practicing Catholic
26. Felt Punished = 26. Feel Forgiven
27. Liked Jesus Christ = 27. Love Jesus Christ
28. Not Biblical ever = 28. Started to Study the Bible via Stonecroft
29. Not a Jazz Singer = 29. Begins to write Holy Jazz soon
30. Lost and Forbidden = 30. Lost and Found = Grace a Dieu!
31. Was bilateral diabetic = 31. Now labelled mildly diabetic.
32. Oh yes and was slim = 32. MWMC labelled me Highly Obese = 226 lbs.

170. Headlined Genius Levasseur © Hélène Levasseur

It is said that Hélène’s Don’t Quit Poetry Recitals are Stellar
How exciting regarding her who one once labelled Bipolar
Perhaps she is considered some days a Loser or a Gainer
But let us have faith in Her lovely Almighty Creator

God knows her inside out and is the Redeemer
It is believed that one day she will be Popular
Perhaps found in everyone’s diary as a Newcomer
It is believed that to many she is a Forerunner

Being a T.B.I. Traumatic brain injury Survivor
We could see her as a Campaigner and/or Entertainer
Regardless of the truth that she reacts like a Teenager
It’s better now out of once being diagnosed a 10 year Junior

Time has come to rise and shine somewhat Irregular
But this is because she was challenged to be a Spectator
Because of her lack of memory she can’t be a Gossipper
It would probably require her to become more a Gospeller

Oh well this poem reflects that Hélène is still a Dreamer
Not to worry it will probably start the spreading of a Rumour
It is simple to realize that one can be an incessant Learner
Though known that for a quarter of century she was a Loner

Thanks be to God everyone that she never became a Moaner
This is because every day she would turn it all to her Saviour
She knew in her heart that God is our Dad and is Super-Duper
She believed that birds of a feather like Eagles hang Together

Emmanuel the Holy Spirit made her become an earnest Believer
The Medical Profession believed that she would scarcely Recover
But “All things are Possible with God” is Hélène’s incessant Banner
And has been known that life via struggles we can carry an Eraser

As it has been a job to re-establish a good Cognitive Behaviour
Thank God that He has given her a direct Celestial Flavour
Let us remember that once she was a “Mover and a Shaker”
Nothing would stop her from always remaining a Stargazer

The Severe Brain Injury became like a confrontational Deceiver
Having learned to turn impossibilities into a possibilities’ Endeavour
Would become a part of her Spiritual, Medicinal, Christian Altar
Turning over everything to Our Lord Jesus Christ the God Master

This is how Our Lord became the School of Sweethearts’ Sponsor
So from the beginning it was important to become a Globetrotter
From a satellite in Hélène’s mind’s came an Intellectual Measure
She was medically diagnosed eccentric and sometimes Out of Kilter

But folks over the last quarter of a century
A Journalist is spreading a Headline about me
“An Enlightened Genius is Hélène Levasseur!
She is responding: ” Mon Doux. Mon Dieu!”

169. Time for Contrition © Hélène Levasseur

I now choose to follow this command with almighty diligence!

I now choose to follow this command with almighty diligence!

Time for me to go into sorrow over sin
A true purpose of my amendment
That’s what happens when you begin
To review your life no longer transparent

It’s a realization of our past being reminiscent
Of all our values and any that are undervalued
We start when our health shows maladjustment
Reviewing our past, present and future subdued

Lo and behold a check list we make right away
Who, What, Where, When, Why, Which and How
We right away reflect if our time was up let’s say
Certainly changes all our thoughts somehow

Losing weight falls off from our check list
It’s replaced with who can I call to say “I Love You”
You want to thank everyone and hope you haven’t missed
Anyone dear to your heart through and through

So the moral of this story is it’s not too late
To make amends over anything that we regret
It’s like a game and we hope to say in the end “checkmate”
We’ve had all our life to get it right without offset

So on your mark. Get set. Go Friends. Go.
With chin up. Shoulders back. Standing straight
Moving forth living it up to the fullest to and fro
Thanking God for this time before the Golden Gate

Though I fretted yesterday over the state of my health
Today I was told I’m still in remission and that relieved me
Now I’m going to be working on my spiritual wealth
What a beautiful chance to become righteous and free

So here I go again writing and composing to no end
It’s just a journal and thanking you for reading it
Many thanks indeed for your prayers and being a friend
You have no idea how it pleases Our Holy Spirit

Emmanuel = God with us = is who I spend time with
He tells me everything of Jesus Christ in Heaven
I now know who I will be serving forever forthwith
Having become a member of God’s rose garden

I’ve been told that I am on hold but rest and behold
That God recognizes his followers by their rose scent
Knowing that the earth is our School of Learning is gold
For those that He is calling to be His heaven’s adornment

Well everyone we are called to be God’s Heavenly Population
It’s a Slow but Sure Balancing Act and we can get it right
Are we going to be elementary, secondary or Universal in Orion
The Celestial Equator where we perhaps are heading for His Light

Well don’t mind me folks I’m just getting carried away
With lots of words from the dictionary and rhyming books
So I bid you fairwell tonight dearest friends and do not stray
From God’s calling to His chosen ones and know we are not spooks

168. Labelled Metastatic Cancer © Hélène Levasseur

Holy Wow! Celebrate Recovery invites Hélène Levasseur to give her Testimonial!

Holy Wow! Celebrate Recovery invites Hélène Levasseur to give her Testimonial!

I’ve been once told
My time was on hold
To become bold
So I won’t fold

Remembering Oh my
I start to cry
I don’t want to die
I start to sigh

I’m in remission
Don’t want insertion
Into chemo infusion
Understand my confusion

Not to worry
My tests will be worthy
Showing I have in my journey
Lots to accomplish everlastingly

First time in a long time
Since I’ve heard a chime
In my heart that does not rhyme
With the death do us part crime

Don’t mind me folks about it
Questioning Cancer I’m having a fit
There’s no proof yet but I’m a misfit
Thinking about this affects my spirit

You see I bled the other day
Twice this happened and what can I say
Except hello cancer you’re showing up eh
You, we all know, represent doomsday

It’s o.k. you know I’m Helene Levasseur
And won’t let this challenge damper
My joie de vivre and great manoeuvre
Of praying for dearest God to take over

Perhaps all of this is simply a false alarm
Must glide through everything with my charm
Not letting any negative thoughts swarm
Relying on our Holy Spirit who keeps me lukewarm

So here’s all of my words laid down showing upset
Enough is enough as I decide to recite a chaplet
My prayers I bring to you as a lovely floweret
Thanking you for yours towards a minaret

Many thanks indeed for reading me thus far
Never does a day go by that I yearn to be a star
According to the doctors I am a 10 year old on par
Facebook holds my journal typed on Apple my altar

I see a twinkle twinkle little star and make a wish
Help me God never to become anything sluggish
Falling apart never happened and that would be outlandish
As you know on earth I have left a lot to accomplish

The Holy Wow Poets’ Anthology 2013 was exciting
So Helene on your mark get set and go Highfaluting
Your quest to make our Club visitors’ yearning
And The Holy Wow Poets Canada never ending

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Voila!
Helene can never stop promoting a show with hoopla
It’s her trade and consumer show skills not to withdraw
Skills, talents and treasures that are not like a see-saw

If you’ve read till here you were meant to be a Poet
and you know it, come and show it and becoming fit!

The my Websites orchestrated since Hélène got Facebook:

Sending you my love and affection,
Hélène Levasseur Charron xo

167. Maple Ridge Enlightens us © Hélène Levasseur

Photo by Alex Pope.

Photo by Alex Pope.

God gives Haney residents
Views where voices share
Our magic so adored
In the Lower Mainland
Visitors are thus enamoured
By its delightful scenery

Here we share our poetic flair
Showing our City rhythms
And Pizzazz to immerse
The state of your mind
Heart and soul with us
In an enhancing melodic way

Yes my dear you are here
And to us must be near
Moving into our special town
Because it is renown for
Bringing friends and family
Breathing into its majesty

166. Frostyette and Frostytot’s Christmas Invitation © Hélène Levasseur


T’is twelve days before Christmas
Mrs. Frostyette and her little Frostytot
Were busy shopping for Christmas treats
They were all dressed up and filled with glee
Knowing that it was time to buy for the needy

They were pleased to go to the Food Bank
After having acquired a Grocery Certificate for a family
To have a Christmas Dinner that they would cherish
Where in this package was a Grace prayer of thanks
Praising and Glorifying Jesus Christ for his gifts

Frostyette and her Frostytot went to their Ice Chapel
Reciting “Peace be on Earth and Goodwill to all Man”
And thank you Lord Jesus for this Festive Season
Where we collectively bring joy and happiness
In our Community & Family celebrating your birthday

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour!
Mrs. Frostyette and Little Frostytot invites us all
To find a family in our vicinity to give some groceries
A few gifts if they have little tots of their own
Imagine bringing them the true sense of Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

165. Poetry is my Pastime © Hélène Levasseur

Photo on 13-12-31 at 7.13 PM

In need of God’s divine repair
Desolate but not in despair
I pray because I do sincerely care
About all of mankind’s welfare

Remaining in a state of joy & harmony
Though life brings me some agony
It’s the simple every day trials’ cacophony
That I must endure with simplicity

The earth is our school of learning
It is how we respond to its teaching
That deciphers our well being
And strengthens us without failing

The moral of this story is ordinary
Let go and let God take our worry
And soon we realize that we are trustworthy
In Him being our so beloved Sovereignty

Don’t mind me folks I’m just passing time
Feeling that my life right now is not sublime
I thank you for reading me at your bedtime
Writing poetry you probably know is my pastime

164. Christmas Momentous Thoughts © Hélène Levasseur

Photo on 13-11-20 at 4.03 PM #2

Uplifting well wishes have come
We no longer feel so worrisome
Prayers galore folks we always adore
As we feel them and want more
Let’s promise to respond likewise
When we have no tears found in our eyes
Sensing joy, peace and harmony
Brings us into a state of Christmas glee
So on our mark, get set and let go
And let God take over our sorrow
It’s as simple as One – Two – Three
Immediately and carefully we’re set free
Of any silly willy burdens and fears
Knowing that we are His beloved dears
Love and Joy is in the Christmas Air
Perhaps nippy and freezy but it is fair
God works in mysterious ways
We then see clearly as there is no haze
When our plans are all of a sudden changed
It’s obvious God’s got a better One arranged
It is believed that our life is grandly theatrical
And perhaps mystical and somewhat musical
Preparing our souls, mind and spirit is a pre-requisite
To reach heaven’s higher heights and folks that is it!

163. Painted Spoken Words in God’s Business © Hélène Levasseur

Pacific Rim Exhibition

In the 1980’s God assigned Hélène to go and share her skills on an Exhibition
At the B.C. Place Stadium which had just been built for Office Businesses’s Fruition
The Pacific Rim Computer and Communication was to be a great Office Show
Of a Trade and Consumer style for our City Vancouver in Western Canada’s Bravado

Hired she contacted all the Manufacturers in existence regarding office equipment
Telling them that their creative sales would increase their Profits’ Department
Across Canada she lured them out West to partake in this wonderful Show el pronto
Validating their products being the best for the Western Canadian sales flow

Didn’t take too much time to create an Exhibition that was like no other
Ordained by God she pondered would excel in bringing a telecommunications’ order
Thinking dearly there’s no business like show business like God’s Business I know
And for six months she was on the phone all day long performing without a fiasco

Lo and behold hundreds of companies were now to amalgamate out West here
Great demand existed for their masterpieces in the Electronic World Year
There they were bringing their goodies like there was an overflow
Technologically would now exist a Home with a new Business Scenario

Hailed was she by Tracon Exhibitions for diminishing the other Shows in Town
Having expelled the affairs of Southex and MacClean Hunter without a frown
As B.C Pace Stadium’s Pacific Rim and Computer and Communications Show
Had not caused her to become conceited but her family thought was now a Glow

This Collage Acrylic and Oil Painting was created for her formidable success
Renown she did become within the Trade and Consumer Show Western Press
This painting given became the cover of Next Year’s Show with her being a Pro
In the Industry now being recognized as a formidable National Hero

Touched and inspired was she becoming a Trade and Consumer Show Expert
And continued to praise God for His Assistance in daily making her very alert
That she was to proclaim that “There’s no Business like God’s Business I know”
That everything comes from Him and that He simply asks us to prayerfully echo

There’s no Business like Show Business like God’s Business I know
La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
Surrender to Him and grow and become Stars that everlastingly glow
There’s no Business like Show Business like God’s Business I know
Let the World proclaim it and share it with this Echo reflecting a Grand Manifesto
Many thanks indeed God Almighty when we become aware to let God as we let go!